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Since 2007 we have worked along-side world-wide suppliers to tailor made, key on hand, unique solutions. We have experience working with suppliers spread across the world, from USMEC, Europe and China; offering integrated solutions to replace, design and refurbish equipment and systems.

Our wide range of project knowledge, coupled with twenty years of field in Mechanical engineering, power transmission and experience is what makes us uniquely qualified for any rotating equipment project or problem. We pride ourselves on having top quality service, fair pricing and a solution oriented mindset.  

Maintenance friendly approach designs are a cornerstone for all our proposals.


Top Quality Suppliers

Faster service. 

We work with quality brands with worldwide presence.

Tailor made elements for your project

Repair services in Mexico, Texas and Central America

We focus on the specific needs of each customer.


Find everything from spare parts to solutions for your complete project.